Mas Illa de Riu



The surroundings of Casa Cusa and Mas Illa de Riu is the Finca Illa de Riu, in the heart of Ebro Delta. The landscape is closely linked to the different stages of rice cultivation.

From February to April

In Ebro Delta, the land is prepared and the fields are left ready to start cultivating rice.

During the months of April and May

The fields are flooded and rice is sown. The flooded fields look like mirrors with the blue of the sky reflecting.

During the months of June and July

The rice plant grows and the landscape of Ebro Delta becomes green.

In late August and early September

The fields have a golden color motivated by the ripening of the ear. The rice harvest in Ebro Delta begins, which will last until October.

From October to January

Once the harvest is over, the stubble is mixed with the mud and the water from the fields is emptied to start the rice cultivation cycle again.